Wafra GCC Islamic Fund

Wafra GCC Islamic Fund

The fund seeks to develop capital by investing in securities in accordance with Islamic Sharia provisions of companies listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange, and the capital markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council States to generate competitive returns at an acceptable level of risk. The fund manager is also entitled to invest in instruments issued or guaranteed by the Governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council States at the time of investment and/or other security funds, debt instruments, or other funds or cash markets that are Sharia compliant. The fund aims to distribute yearly dividends in compliance with profit.

Fund Terms
Inception 2021
Capital Variable capital ranging from $18 million to $360 million
Number of Units 36 million
Price of Unit 10$
NAV as of October 2023 8.113
YTD Performance (2.99%)
Performance since inception (18.87%)
Expected life of Fund 10 years with option of renewal
Participation of Fund Manager 250,000 KWD (or equivalent in United States dollars) as minimum
Percentage of Participation 500 units
Subscription & Redemption Monthly
Administration Team Mane AlSane – Qutaibah Al-Khurafi - Saud Al-Juwaied - Sara Dashti
Auditor (BDO) Al Nesif and partners

For Subscription

To apply for subscription/redemption, kindly fill the forms required available in the right side of the page and send the required documents to email:


methods of Payments
1-Transfer to Account
Beneficiary Name Wafra GCC Islamic Fund
Bank Name Boubyan Bank
Account Number 0706891002
IBAN Number KW84BBYN0000000000000706891002
2-Issue Cheque
To be issued in the name of Wafra GCC Islamic Fund
For inquiries
Contact Wafra International Investment Company
Address Al Murqab – Al Sour Street – Twin Tower (A) – Floor (12)
Work time From 9:00 am to 2:30 pm – from Sunday to Thursday
Tel. 1855525